Bug Bounty and Public Trust Program for Abraxas’ New Results Reporting System

Abraxas develops IT solutions for a secure digital Switzerland. Technology is used to strengthen administrative processes in municipalities, cantons and at the federal level.

Transparency is the best protection against cyber risks. That’s why we invite you to the Abraxas Bug Bounty Program for the new results reporting system of the cantons of St. Gallen and Thurgau.

This software is used to record, calculate and evaluate democratic election and voting results. Normally, it is only accessible to a private network. Premiums of up to 30’000 francs await (depending on the severity and scenario).

Make sure that no one can manipulate the election and voting results in Switzerland!


… are looking for an interesting project where you are part of a bigger picture
… are a responsible security researcher and care about digital democracy
… want to develop professionally and love challenges
… appreciate an optimal return-on-investment of your time
… strengthen your reputation and market value as a security researcher


… offer a dialog at eye level with professional analysis of your findings in a short period of time
… offer attractive bonuses (bounties) for accepted reports
… have fair rules and make transparent decisions
… publish the code and the findings publicly on GitHub and will gladly mention your support on request.

Your focus

• Security breaches in the central system with influence on election and voting results (vote counting in the municipalities, seat calculation)
• Review of the source code for vulnerabilities
• Review of the algorithms

Join now

This is a public program – but registration is required to participate. We guarantee a legal safe harbor for all attack attempts within the scope and policy.