How secure are your IT systems?

Every IT system has still unknown security vulnerabilities. There is no more effective method for this than collaborating with security researchers and hackers

The Reality Check

Within 2 weeks to risk assessment - The Reality Check is the right way to get started in the Bug Bounty world. Here, we will take care of everything for you and in two weeks you will receive the best thriller you have ever read: the Reality Check Report. Check out how it works!

1. Kick-off

We define the common scope:

  • Where are the researchers allowed to work, where not
  • What still needs to be done in terms of preparation
  • What will happen in the next few days
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2. Warm-up

How to get the first Security Researchers on your systems.

Tingling? For us, too!

3. Let's rock!

Here is where the action is:

  • Vulnerabilities arrive
  • We triage, validate, reproduce bugs
  • We optimize the program

Want more rock for yourself? Then let’s talk about a bug bounty program

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4. Reality Check Report

You are reading the most exciting thriller of all time – the Reality Check Report. You know:

  • How your personal hacking movie went
  • Where vulnerabilities were found
  • How threatening the vulnerabilities are
  • How the hackers found and exploited the vulnerabilities
  • How we recommend you to address the vulnerabilities

5. Final

How do you feel? Now it’s up to you!

Following the Reality Check, let’s see how you can move forward. Security is not a state. Security is development.

A reality check is a low-risk way to get started

Get started with managed service, time-limited and private at a tailored fixed price.

Managed Service: We handle the managing of hackers as well as the triage and reproduction of bugs

Private: we invite the most suitable hackers to check your systems

Defined timeframe: You know exactly when the security researchers will access your systems.

Insightful: the detailed report shows you the exact procedure for vulnerability management.

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