How secure are your IT systems?

Every IT system has still unknown security vulnerabilities. To find them and reduce the risk from cyberattacks, there is no more effective method than working with ethical hackers.

The Reality Check

A realistic risk assessment in two weeks - The Reality Check is the right way to get started in the Bug Bounty world. Here, we'll take care of everything for you and within two weeks you'll get the best thriller you've ever read: the Reality Check Report. Check out how it works!

1. Kick-off

We define the common scope:

  • Where can the researchers get involved, where not
  • What are the rules of the game
  • What still needs to be done in terms of preparation
  • What will happen in the next few days

And what are your framework conditions?

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2. Warm-up

We bring the first security researchers onto your systems. Within a few hours, we receive initial feedback and already gain valuable insights.

Feeling tingely? We do too, every time!

Find out why:

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3. Let's rock!

This is where the music plays:

  • Vulnerabilities arrive
  • We triage, validate, reproduce bugs
  • We optimize the program and control the budget

Want to know more about the process?

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4. Reality Check Report

You’re reading the most exciting thriller of all – the Reality Check Report. You will know:

  • How your personal hacking movie went
  • Where and how vulnerabilities were found
  • How threatening the vulnerabilities are
  • How we recommend you address the vulnerabilities

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5. Finale

How do you feel? Now it’s up to you!

Following the Reality Check, let’s see how you can move forward. Security is not a state. Security is development. With the results of the Reality Check you now have the best argumentation basis to decide about a continuous program.

We are happy to support you!

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Curious? Then try it out!

The Reality Check is the perfect start - Simple, fast and safe!

Managed Service: We take care of everything from A-Z! The entire management of the program including selection of hackers, triage and reproduction of bugs.

Private: We invite the right hackers to check your systems. Everything happens in a confidential setting.

Defined timeframe: You know exactly when the security researchers will access your systems.

Insightful: The detailed report shows you the exact actions of the hackers and other important findings.

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