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We see Bug Bounty programs in the larger context of your business transformation. That is why we have developed a globally unique offering. In addition to our Swiss platform for Bug Bounty & Vulnerability Management, we focus on empowering your organization and building new competencies. It is not only about proactively finding and sustainably fixing hidden security vulnerabilities, but also about a new way of dealing with your rapidly increasing vulnerability. As well as building public trust as your new competitive advantage.

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Reality Check

For the curious: The Reality Check is the right way to get started in the Bug Bounty world. Here we take care of everything for you, and in two weeks you will receive the best thriller you have ever read: the Reality Check Report.

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Pilot Program

Together we design your pilot program according to your individual questions and needs. During several weeks or months we collect experiences with the new method and evaluate the possibilities for a continuous operation.

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Bug Bounty Program

We adjust the parameters to the possibilities in your organization. Bug Bounty programs can be soft-launched with a closed group of people and targeted precisely to your goals. You decide when it's time for more. Your Bug Bounty program becomes your USP!

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Scalable Bug Bounty Platform

For Pros: You buy our platform license and decide for yourself how often and how publicly hackers look at your systems. Dig in and benefit from access to a global community of security researchers and ethical hackers!

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Public Trust Initiative

Our offer for Rockstars: We develop the path to the Public Trust Experience with you. We may start small, but we know we want to achieve greatness and convince the public that your organization is mastering digital transformation.

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We have simplified the complexity of Bug Bounty Programs to the maximum for you without sacrificing the quality of the results. This way, we provide you with a quick, easy and safe way to start working with professional security researchers.

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Are you interested in the legal aspects of working with ethical hackers? Or do you already have a program and want to add fire to it? And what about your Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP)? We help you individually.

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Show Security Commitment, Legal Safe Harbor and Attitude with a VDP

Make suppliers and third-party solution providers be involved

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