SRF 10vor10: The nice hackers

by , Published on 27. April 2022 1 min Reading time

A day with Bug Bounty Switzerland – that was the topic in 10vor10 on SRF1. We were accompanied for a whole day during our work of building a local, highly talented and friendly hacker community. We are very pleased about the increasing awareness of so-called bug bounty programs, with which we make an important contribution to the success of the digital transformation in Switzerland.

We really enjoy building the bridge between leading Swiss companies, many SME’s, critical infrastructure and the public sector as well as the ethical hackers and IT talents. Making sure that this new collaboration is a Wow-Experience for everyone involved.

This not only enables us to proactively find and eliminate critical security gaps, but also gives our customers new and valuable skills and the ability to act accordingly. This leads to an organization and the people behind it being better able to deal with the rapidly increasing vulnerability and growing attack surface.

One thing is clear: there will never be a 100% perfect or secure IT system in our highly networked and complex world. That is why we need a new mindset characterized by courage, openness, transparency and collaboration, as well as some paradigm shifts. The fact that not all hackers are evil and want to cause damage, but that there are at least as many «nice» ones who want to protect companies from the criminals – is just one of them.

With our ecosystem for Ethichal Hacking, Vulnerability Management and Public Trust, we bring all stakeholders closer together and foster better and more efficient collaboration and enablement at all hierarchical levels.

And when will you start your first bug bounty program or what is still holding back your organization?

Many thanks to everyone involved – united for a secure Switzerland!

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